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Why is it profitable to buy real estate in Pattaya with us?

Our main feature is legal security. At the time of the transaction, we provide a guarantee certificate of liability.

Prices from the developer, no commission

We do not take additional commission from the client and do not charge the price for our services.

100% legal guarantee

The only company in Pattaya working with lawyers of the Royal Guild of Thailand!

Mortgage 8 years at 8% per annum

We provide loans to foreigners when buying property in Thailand.

Without% installment plan from developers

We will help you get interest-free installments up to 5 years directly from the developer and owner.

What you get for free, becoming our client:

Investment management

We will help you earn money on the property by renting it while you are not in Pattaya.

Legal aid

Throughout the transaction, any legal assistance from our lawyers is available to you.

Property rights

Our lawyers will help you register ownership of a dwelling, land or other type of property in Thailand.

Visa support

We will collect all the necessary documents for you, fill out the paperwork and get a long-term visa.

Registration of legal faces

We will help to collect all the necessary documents and open a company in Thailand in your name.

Warranty certificate of liability.

We are responsible for the legal purity of the transaction with our money.

Catalog of popular real estate.

Our database of more than 3,000 verified properties for sale.
Here are some of them:

Luxury studio, next to the luxury beach located on the territory

Located on Naklua 12, Club Royal Wongamat

Novotel with free access

Apartment 32m, Floor 7, 3 pools, rooftop gym.

Underground parking, 70 m to the sea.

CCTV Security 24/7.

Price 1,350,000 baht

  • Area 32 sq m
  • 3 pools
  • Children's swimming pool
  • 2 gyms
  • Secure car parking
  • 70 meters to the sea
  • 1 bedroom
  • 1 balcony
  • Kitchen
  • Air conditioning
  • Video surveillance, security 24/7

Apartment Diamond Suites

Modern apartment in the project Diamond Suites. Located in the elite area of ​​Pratumnak in Pattaya city center. Distance to the sea 500 meters. 1 bedrum is on the fifth floor of the new nine-story condominium. The rooftop house has a large pool. Gorgeous view on the sea . Nearby are the Big Buddha Statue and Pattaya Entertainment Complex Park "with a revolving restaurant on the 52nd floor, a viewing platform and a cable car. the best city beaches of Cozy Beach and Phrataumnak Beach and the magnificent tropical garden in Hotel "Birds and Bees". Near shops, cafes, massage parlors, laundries, motorcycle rental and cars

1 700 000 THB

  • Type: Studio
  • Living area: 49 sq.m.
  • Floor: 5th
  • City View
  • Fully furnished
  • Air conditioning
  • Distance to the beach 500 meters
  • Wi-Fi
  • Pool
  • Roof Rest Area
  • Gym
  • Video surveillance, security 24/7
  • Free parking

Apartments 1 bedroom

Apartment 1 bedroom, Club Royal, in a new condominium, on the 5th floor with stunning views of the sea and the Pattaya Park tower, 35 sq m, foreign quota.

1 900 000 THB

  • Type: One bedroom
  • Living area: 35 sq.m.
  • Floor: 7th
  • City view
  • Fully furnished
  • Air conditioning
  • Distance to the beach 500 meters
  • Wi-Fi
  • Pool
  • Sauna
  • Gym
  • Video surveillance, security 24/7
  • Free parking

Spacious Thai style house

Baan Dusit Pattaya Park (Baan Dusit Pattaya Park) is a Russian village in Thailand Baan Dusit Pattaya. The village is located in the southern part of Pattaya - in the picturesque area of ​​Huai Yai, surrounded by tropical forests, mountains, lakes, not far from the temple complex of Wat Yan. The infrastructure of the village, including a park area and a water park. On the territory of the Russian village in Pattaya: a public large pool, its own free fitness club, basketball and volleyball courts, mini golf, tennis courts, bike and jogging tracks, a restaurant, a venue for celebrations and celebrations. At the service of all residents: round-the-clock security and video surveillance, Wi-Fi Internet, Russian cable TV with 33 channels. The highlight of the Russian village in Pattaya: a large park for walking with children and pets near a large lake. Here you can ride a boat, catamaran, or go fishing. The lake also gives coolness and freshness even in the hottest weather. In the territory of Baan Dusit Pattaya Park, the construction of a children's water park is planned.

PRICE 5 800 000 THB

  • Type: Four bedrooms
  • Living area: 166 sq.m.
  • Land area: 240 sq.m.
  • Playground
  • Fully furnished
  • Air conditioning
  • Tennis court
  • Bar
  • Wi-Fi
  • Pool 32 sq.m.
  • Billiards
  • Gym
  • Video surveillance, security 24/7
  • Automatic gates
  • Signaling

Townhouse at Baan Soprasong - Pattaya's Green Oasis

Town House in the Jomtien area, next to the Ambassador city, in a great location and in excellent condition, the real price is 4 700 000 baht, urgently needed money.

Price 4 700 000 THB

  • Pool
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • 200m to the beach
  • Tropical garden
  • 24/7 security

Luxury Balinese-style villa at Naklua 16

Luxurious Balinese-style villa in the south of Pattaya (Thailand) with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms is located in a quiet decent well-kept area. A couple of years ago, he made high-quality expensive repairs and installed new appliances and furniture. In the house: European kitchen with all appliances, 2 guest areas in the living room, 5 air conditioners, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, all furniture is new. Panoramic large windows overlooking the garden make the house very bright. In the courtyard: a small well-kept garden, a gazebo, a fish pond, covered parking for 2 cars, a swing and a typical Bali-style arch above the entrance. The house contains everything necessary for moving, up to utensils and linen. as an advantage, all the wires in the village are hidden underground. Club House residents also have 24-hour security and a shared pool.

Price 16 000 000 THB

  • 1st floor
  • Area 136 sq m
  • Land area 400 sq m
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Klabhaus
  • Pool
  • Garden view
  • 24/7 security
  • High speed Wi-Fi
  • Covered parking

House for sale. Pattaya Northern District (Thailand).

8 million baht, a beautiful house for sale located in the modern European village of Greenfield Villas 3, East Pattaya. Large plot of land 548 Sgm with a beautiful garden. Private swimming pool. The barbecue area is equipped with a gas barbecue. Fitness court with equipment. Parking place. The house has 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It is fully furnished and well decorated. There is 300 square meters of living space. Large space for the living room, dining table, European kitchen with oven. The master bedroom has a bathtub and dressing room. The village offers a communal pool, 24-hour security and key access, a quiet location and easy access to Pattaya, schools and golf courses.

  • Type: House
  • Location: East Pattaya
  • Land area: 548 sq. M. m
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Number of bathrooms: 3
  • Cuisine: European Cuisine
  • Furnishing: Fully Furnished
  • Air conditioning
  • Full hot water equipment
  • Washer
  • Water
  • Cable / satellite tv
  • Curtains / Curtains
  • B-B-Q
  • Garage
  • Garden
  • Terrace
  • Club
  • Public pool
  • Private pool
  • Sport equipment
  • Canteen
  • Guest room
  • 24 hour security
  • Cold water supply
  • electricity
  • the Internet
  • Shops / Store
  • A restaurant
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Frequently asked Questions:

Investor Visa to Thailand
An investor visa gives you the right not only to conduct business in Thailand, but also to obtain an official residence permit.

What you need to do to get a visa:
- Invest 10 000 000 THB in the Thai economy (in other words, put on the savings account opened with the Thai state bank the right amount of money);
- Buy a condominium from a Thai developer for at least 3 000 000 THB;
- Invest in bonds of the Kingdom of Thailand in the amount of 10 000 000 THB.

The visa application deadline is 15 days. After 12 (months), you can apply for an extension and obtain an official residence permit in Thailand.

Attention! This service is free for our customers. We draw up all the documents, submit them (documents) on your behalf, which increases the chances of success and saves your time.
Specify details by phone: +66-620-053-322 or +66-620-035-553
Property rights
If you decide to buy real estate, apartments through our company in Thailand, then you will be a full 100% owner of the apartment.

Real estate will be issued on the basis of a foreign quota.
Including our company will provide you with a guarantee certificate of liability, and in case of loss of property we will reimburse all costs of real estate. We are responsible for transactions with our own money!
Specify details by phone +66-620-053-322 or +66-620-035-553
Registration of your company
To register a company, at least 3 people are required, of which at least one is a resident of Thailand, who owns 51% of the shares of the authorized capital of the company. The remaining 49% of the shares are held by a foreign party.
In full accordance with the laws of Thailand, the charter documents of the Company, the following provisions are enshrined:

1. A non-resident of Thailand owns a preferred share with 10 votes in decision-making at the meeting of the founders. Residents of Thailand have one share, one vote. By virtue of which, decisions on issues within the competence of the founders are taken by the holder of the preferred share.

2. Thai founders transfer the shares through an endorsement, after which you have the right to dispose of the shares at your discretion. Alternatively, transfer to other residents.

3. The head of the Company with the right of first signature in banks is you or another person of your choice. The service registering your company will confirm this fact with a certificate.
Buying a property
The main guarantor of the reliability of the transaction at this stage is a competently drawn up contract by a professional lawyer. Sometimes it is necessary to confirm from the bank about the amount of money received to the buyer's account with the intended purpose “for purchase real estate ». The transfer of ownership of land is registered by the Land Department within 3-4 hours. After registration, a certificate of ownership of immovable property is issued.

As a result of the above actions, you:
1. Thai company owner.
2. Exercise all the rights of the owner in relation to the purchased land.
Attention! This service is free for our customers.
Specify details by phone +66-620-053-322 or +66-620-035-553
Types of land title documents
When buying a land plot, the Buyer must make sure that the seller has rights to the land plot and the fact that the type of law is not lower than:CHANOTE

This type of document confirms the ownership of the land. It is similar to that used in Russian Federation certificate of ownership.
Property Taxation
When buying real estate, you need to know about taxes and fees that are levied on its purchase or sale. There are two organizations that levy duties on property owners: tax and land department. Taxes are paid by property owners, subject to profit from the property.

Tax Department Taxes
Withholding tax is a tax payable by the seller of real estate upon sale. He is paid from the income of an individual: tax calculation will be based on an assessment of the value of land by the Land Department.

Withholding tax on profits of the organization: the tax calculation will be based on the assessment of the value of land by the Land department or actual sales value. As a result, a large cost will be chosen. The tax rate is 1%.

Taxes and fees of the Land Department
The rates of fees and taxes do not depend on the legal status of the seller, i.e. and the individual and legal entity pay taxes and fees at the same rates. According to current practice, payment of taxes is divided equally between the buyer and the seller. Taxes from the Land Department are always calculated based on the value declared by the seller. If not, the basis is taken price fixed in the Land Department at the current moment. Land Taxes are calculated based on the area of ​​land plot 1,600 sq.m = 1/6 hectares = 1 Rai

- Fee for transfer of ownership (TransferFee) - 2% of the declared value of the property upon registration or established Land Department of the value of the land. When renting, the fee also amounts to 1.1% of the amount contract for the entire period.

- Special Commercial Tax (SBT) - 3.3% of the value of the property, applies to legal entities. From individuals, only if the tenure of the property was less than 5 years, that is, if this The property has already been resold during the previous 5 years.

- Stamp Duty (DutyStampFee) - levied only if the seller is not taxed on business (SBT). When transferring ownership, the tax is 0.5% of the cost. When transferring rental rights, the tax is - 0.1%.
How to reduce taxes
1) The property has been used for personal residence for at least a year before the sale;
2) The property has been owned by the seller for more than 5 years;
3) The property is inherited.

*Payment of taxes and fees is distributed between the buyer and seller, or one of them. Property tax is paid annually when using real estate for commercial purposes or when renting, long-term rental of real estate for the entire rental period, at the choice of the payer. The tax is calculated based on a larger area, choosing between the land and the house located on it. The tax is 12.5% ​​of the actual income or declared owner of the amount of income for the year. Income can be confirmed by lease agreements, or other primary documents. Tax the body is entitled to calculate the tax on its own, based on generally accepted rental prices for such real estate. When concluding a long-term lease, tax payment, as a rule, the parties distribute among themselves equally.

Value added tax (V.A.T)

For private taxpayers - 3%

The rate for legal entities is 7%
Attention! This service is free for our customers. We will help reduce tax deductions and talk about legal ways to save money.
Specify details by phone +66-620-053-322 or +66-620-035-553
The order of registration of the sale
If you plan to purchase property in Thailand directly from the developer, then the procedure Checkout will be something like this:

1) Making a deposit. Various companies put forward their requirements, but, as a rule, the advance payment does not exceed 100 thousand baht. Its introduction confirms the seriousness of your intentions and allows the developer to hedge and recover losses in case if in the future you refuse to conclude a transaction.

2)Registration of the contract of sale. As soon as the funds arrive at the developer’s account, the conclusion process will begin sales contract. Its duration depends only on how quickly all parties to the transaction agree on the conditions. the contract. When all details are clarified, and consensus is found, the contract is subject to signing and execution.

3) Registration of the property in the Land and Architectural Committees. The builder is engaged in this process. According to from its internal procedures and the type of property being acquired, the process can take from 10 days to 1.5 months.

4) Deposit of the balance of the amount. As soon as the developer receives documents confirming your ownership, he will set You will be billed for the remaining value of the property. When the amount is transferred, we can assume that you have become official homeowner in Thailand.

Specify details by phone +66-620-053-322 or +66-620-035-553
Leasehold plot design
Leasehold is a way to register a land plot, including a plot, on which the building is located, in long-term lease with the right of subsequent extension for 90 years. In this case, the land will be leased to you for 30 years, and then the contract can be extended twice more for the same period. After that, the land can be (and given the transience of human life - it will be necessary) to re-register to another person. The deals are handled by the Pattaya Land Committee. Taxes will be a little more than 6%, and the registration fee - 1%, duty - 0.1%. All payments are made from the total rental amount for the entire period. Our lawyers will make all the necessary calculations. and they will take care of the deal. In this case, all that is required of you is to provide a certified copy of your passport and pay the agreed amount.

Specify details by phone +66-620-053-322 or +66-620-035-553
Registration of the site according to the Freehold scheme
Freehold - registration of ownership of land, including the land under the building (structure), to a thai company. Your share in it can be no more than 49%, but the laws of Thailand are not so perfect so that you could not register your full ownership of the company and, therefore, the site.

The cost of opening a legal entity will be about 60-80 thousand baht. Registration fee and taxes are paid at a time and do not exceed 6% of the appraised value of land. Also, each year you will have to bear the costs of maintaining accounting and tax reporting of the company, regardless of whether you plan to conduct business in the Kingdom or not. As a rule, this is another 35 thousand baht annually. Pattaya Land Committee handles transactions, however, You can entrust the process of preparing documents and interaction with the Committee to our lawyers. In this case, all that is required of you is this is to provide a certified copy of the passport and pay the agreed amount.

Thus, it is possible to become a full-fledged owner of real estate in Thailand, and on absolutely legal grounds.
How long does a deal take?
Registration of real estate in the property is carried out in the Land and Architectural Committees. The period that may be required to document the legalization of a transaction varies depending on the type of object and internal procedures of the seller, but on average it is:

- an apartment in a condominium from a developer - from 10 days to 1.5 months;
- apartment in a condominium with the previous owner - up to 2 months;
-Villa, town house or house - up to 3 months.

Based on this, you can plan the terms of payment and settlement.

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