Why is it profitable to buy property in Phuket with us?

Our main feature is legal security. At the time of the transaction, we provide a guarantee certificate of responsibility.

Prices from the developer, no commission

We do not charge an additional fee to the client and do not impose a price on his services.

100% legal guarantee

Only in Phuket, the company works with lawyers of the Royal Thai Guild!

Mortgage 8 years at 8% per annum

We provide loans to foreigners who buy property in Thailand.

Without% installment from developers

We will help you to get interest-free installments up to 5 years directly from the developer and owner.

What do you get for free as our customer:

Investment management

Help make money on property by renting it while you are in Phuket.

Legal assistance

Throughout the entire transaction, you can get any legal assistance from our lawyers.

Property rights

Our lawyers will help to arrange the ownership of housing, land or other type of property in Thailand.

Visa support

We will collect all the necessary documents for you, fill out the documents and get a long-term visa..

Registration of legal entities to make

We will help you collect all the necessary documents and open a company in Teilan in your name.

Tax breaks

It will help to reduce taxes and talk about proven tax legislation schemes Tascom.

We offer for sale ready business in Phuket, three luxury villas

Video presentation Naya luxury villas

Benefits Naya luxury villas

Luxury villas Naya is a small, cozy and peaceful place at the southern end of Phuket. Just 800 meters from one of Phuket’s most beautiful beaches, Nai Harn Beach with its excellent water is a quality, powdery and white sandy beach.

Three elegant villas with 3 bedrooms with a common area built about 6x14 meter swimming pool with Jacuzzi. The outdoor dining area, under the sala with a gas barbecue, is ideal for all the fresco dining.

The luxurious Naya Villas are tastefully furnished with high-quality wood. Furniture. Fully equipped European kitchen, living room with dining area. The area has two double bedrooms and a twin bedroom with en-suite bathrooms.

  • Air conditioning
  • Washer
  • Dishwasher
  • Plate
  • Fridge
  • Television 250 channels
  • WiFi Internet access
  • Room area: 200 m2
  • Rain shower in / on the street
  • 3 bedrooms
  • Sun beds
  • Gas BBQ
  • Parking
  • Kitchen
  • Living room
  • Balcony / Terrace
  • Garden
  • Private pool
  • Near the beach
  • Security
  • Communal pool
  • Land area: 1600 m2
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Take a test drive villas, live for free!

Frequently asked Questions:

Investor Visa to Thailand
An investor visa gives you the right not only to do business in Thailand, but also to receive an official residence permit.

What you need to do to get a visa:
- Invest 10,000,000 baht in the economy of Thailand (in other words, to deposit the required amount of money into a savings account with the state bank of Thailand);
- buy a Thai condominium developer, with a minimum value of 3,000,000 THB;
- Invest in bonds of the Kingdom of Thailand in the amount of 10,000,000 baht.

The term of a visa is 15 days. After 12 (months), you can apply for a renewal and get an official residence permit in Thailand.

Attention! For our customers, this service is free. We prepare all the documents, give (documents) in your name, which increases the chances of success and saves your time.
For more information, call: +66 82 414 0100
Property rights

Real estate will be issued on the basis of foreign quotas.
In particular, our company will provide you with a warranty certificate of liability, and in case of loss of property, we will reimburse all property expenses. We are responsible for transactions with our own money!
For more information, call +66 82 414 0100
Registration of your company
To register a company, there must be at least 3 people, of which at least one resident of Thailand, who owns 51% of the shares in the company's authorized capital. The remaining 49% of shares belong to a foreign person.
In full compliance with the laws of Thailand, the constituent documents of the Company include the following provisions:

1. The non-resident of Thailand holds a preferred share with 10 votes when making decisions at a meeting of founders. Thai people have one share, one vote. Therefore, decisions on matters falling within the competence of the founders are made by the owner of preferred shares.

2. Thai founders transfer shares by endorsement, and then you have the right to dispose of the shares at your discretion. As an option, transfer to other residents.

3. The head of the Company with the right to first sign in banks is you or any other person of your choice. The service registered by your company will confirm this fact with evidence.
Buying a property
The main guarantor of the reliability of the transaction at this stage is a competent contract of a professional lawyer. Sometimes you need confirmation from the bank that received the amount of money in the buyer's account for the purpose of “buying” real estate. " The transfer of land ownership is made out by the land cadastre department within 3-4 hours. After registration, a certificate of ownership of real estate is issued.

As a result of these actions, you:
1. The owner of a Thai company.
2. Exercise all the rights of the owner in respect of the plot.
Attention! For our customers, this service is free.
For more information, call +66 82 414 0100
Types of documents on land law
When buying land, the Buyer must ensure that the seller’s rights to the land are not lower than: CHANOTE

This document confirms the ownership of the land. This is similar to the certificate of ownership of the Russian Federation.
Property Taxation
When buying a property you need to know about the taxes and fees that are charged when buying or selling. There are two organizations that charge property owners: taxes and Land Department. Taxes are paid by property owners, taking into account profits property.

Taxes Tax Department
withholding tax - a tax paid by the seller of real estate during the sale. Paid from the income of individuals: the tax calculation will be based on the assessment of the land at the disposal of the land department.

Withholding income tax: the calculation of the tax will be based on the valuation of land owned by the Earth. Department or actual sales price. In the end, high cost. The tax rate is 1%.

Taxes and Fees Land Department
Fees and taxes do not depend on the legal status of the seller, that is, individuals and legal entities pay taxes and fees at the same rate. In accordance with current practice, the payment of taxes is divided equally between the buyer and the seller. Land Department taxes are always calculated from the value stated by the seller. If not, it should be based on The price is fixed in the Land Department at the moment. Land taxes are calculated based on land area plot of 1600 sq m = 1/6 ha = 1 paradise

- Transfer fee (TransferFee) - 2% of the declared value of the property upon registration or appointment Land department of land value. When the rent is 1.1% of the amount contract for the entire period.

- Special sales tax (SBT) is 3.3% of the value of the property, applies to legal entities. With individuals, only if the term of ownership of the property was less than 5 years, that is, if The object has already been resold in the previous 5 years.

- Stamp duty (DutyStampFee) is charged only if the seller is not taxed by the business (SBT). When transferring ownership, tax is 0.5% of the cost. When transferring the rent tax is 0.1%.
How to reduce the amount of taxes
1) property was used for personal residence at least one year prior to the sale;
2) The property was in the possession of the seller for more than 5 years;
3) Property is inherited.

* Payment of taxes and fees is distributed between the buyer and the seller, one of them. Property tax is paid annually when using real estate for commercial purposes or for rent, long-term rental property for the entire lease term, at the option of the payer. The tax is calculated on the basis of a larger area choosing between the earth and the house located on it. The tax is equal to 12.5% of actual income or declared owner of the amount of income for the year. Income can be confirmed by rental agreements or other primary documents. tax on the right to calculate the tax independently based on the total rental price of similar real estate. When concluding a long-term lease agreement, upon payment of tax, the parties, as a rule, are divided equally.

Value Added Tax (В.А.Т.)

For individual taxpayers this is 3%.

Tariff for legal entities - 7%
Attention! For our customers, this service is free. We can help you reduce tax deductions and talk about legal ways to save money.
For more information, call +66 82 414 0100
The procedure for registration of sales transactions
If you are planning to buy property in Thailand directly from the developer, order The purchase will be similar to the following:

1)Deposit. Different companies have their own requirements, but, as a rule, the advance does not exceed 100 thousand. The deposit confirms the seriousness of your intentions and allows the developer to insure and compensate for damage in the event of if you refuse the deal.

2) Registration of the contract of sale. As soon as the funds are credited to the developer’s account, the conclusion process will begin. contract of sale. Its duration depends on how quickly all parties agree to the terms. the contract. When all details are clarified and a consensus is reached, the contract must be signed.

3) Registration of property in the Land and Architectural Committees. This process takes the developer. In accordance with Based on internal procedures and the type of property acquired, the process can take from 10 days to 1.5 months.

4) Payment of balance amount. As soon as the developer receives the documents confirming your ownership, he will deliver You are billed for the remaining value of the property. When money is transferred, we can assume that you have become The official owner of real estate in Thailand.

For more information, call +66 82 414 0100

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